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Privacy Policy for Ink-A-Pink

Ink-A-Pink does not and will not ever share any personal information with Third parties.

Ink-A-Pink is powered by blogger and any information that is collected by Blogger is contained within Blogger/Googles functionality and used only to optimise your content/ reading experience and analyse traffic sources and patterns when you visit. This is done through the use of Google cookies and you have the option to manage your cookie preferences at any point in time by changing your own personal browser settings.

Blogger will also collect your name, Google+ or blog link /email address should you leave a comment on any individual post. Any comments that you leave can be deleted at any time at your discretion.

If you have chosen to follow Ink-A Pink using the link provided in the sidebar you have done so voluntarily and are free to unfollow at anytime of your choosing. To unfollow use the link provided in the sidebar.

If you have chosen to follow/subscribe by e-mail you have done so voluntarily and are free to unsubscribe at any time of your choosing. An unsubscribe option can be found at the foot of any emails you have received from Ink-A-Pink blog posts.
Your email address will only ever be used to notify you of new blog posts published here at Ink-A-Pink, to reply to a comment/ email you may have sent Ink-A-Pink or to click through to your blog for a return visit.

When you follow/subscribe by email your name and email address will be stored by Feed burner and is subject to their security protocols. Both Blogger and Feedburner are managed by Google.
For further information regarding Google, Feedburner and Bloggers use of data please refer to their privacy policy.

Ink-A-Pink will never ask for personal banking/ credit card details as Ink-A-Pink's sole purpose is to provide free information, education and inspiration relative to the field of Creative Arts.

Occasionally and always with discretion Ink-A-Pink may include or offer third party products, services or links both within the individual blog posts and in the sidebars of the blog. These Third parties each have their own very separate and independant privacy policies which you will be able to refer to on their websites should you so wish. Ink-A-Pink therefore has no responsibility or liability for how third parties manage, control and use personal data

Ink -A- Pink is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and each of these platforms has their own individual privacy policy which you you will be able to refer to on their websites should you so wish. Ink- A- Pink therefore has no responsibility or liability for how social media platforms manage, control and use personal data.

Ink-A-Pink is not responsible for any content that is republished from this blog onto any other blogs, websites, social media platforms or publications without my permission.

This policy is subject to change without notice at any time.
However Ink-A-Pink will aim to notify you of any significant changes via a short blog post as and when they occur.

Last updated May 24th 2018

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