Thursday 2 June 2022

Split Complimentary Colours at PaperArtsy

Hi Everyone, 

After a much needed short break away from social media and blogging it's great to  be back creating and sharing. 
 To kick start my return I'd like to invite you to join me over on PaperArtsy's blog where I'm sharing a project I've created for their current topic 'Split Complimentary Colours.

It's such a pleasure to create for PaperArtsy using their fabulous products and there's always plenty of fun to be had! No exception this time 😁

This year some of PaperArtsy's topics will be focusing on the colour wheel and colour theory. 
 This is the 2nd colour wheel topic so far this year - the first was in January when the focus was on Complementary Colours this time its all about Split Complimentary Colours.  

I'll point you in the direction of Keren Bakers Introduction blog post for this topic to find out more about Split Complimentary Colours and the designers contributing to this topic share some info on their posts too , myself included so take a look around. 
 Given that I won't repeat myself here but I will tell you the colour palette I created with was Blue - Pastel. 
My main colour was Mermaid Fresco Chalk Acrylic, it's Split Complimentary colours  'Apricot' and 'Rustic Pink' as they are the colours that sit either side of the colour that is directly opposite Mermaid on the colour wheel. 

So what did I create ?? Well, I liked the idea of playing to the design of the colour wheel for my project so created a mixed media piece of 'Art on the Round'. 

My creativity involved colour mixing, stamping, embossing , texture stamping, crackling and even some stitching!! 

I'd love for you to accept my invite ( no R.S.V.P neccesary) and come join me over on the blog to see and read more. If
If you click HERE  you'll be with me in a matter of seconds  
Hope to see you soon