Wednesday 19 July 2023

Fodder Challenge 2023- Lesson 2.

Hi Everyone 

For anyone who missed my post yesterday ( you can find it here)  I am joining in the Fodder Challenge 2023 that's currently taking place, zipping along and drawing ever closer to its final lesson !  Mmmmm and here I am only just sharing the fodder I made in Lesson 2 !  Yes, you've guessed it, I'm running behind and playing catch up ! 

So, given that I'll quit my rambling and move straight on to share some of the papers I made during Barb Smuckers Lesson 2: Collaged Paper Covers. 

To create my papers I enjoyed playing around with a Blue/ Aqua / Mint colour palette using some of my go to paints:  PaperArtsy's Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics along with brushes, sponges, squeegees and a few mark making bits and bobs. 

I also loved not over thinking things (something I do so often , way too often! ) and just going with the flow.  

Here are the papers gathered together..... 

...... and now they are here in either in smaller groupings or individually (according to the style of their patterns).

Some plainly coloured to begin with. 

 Then the patterned . I like the light and dark contrast of these two and am really taken with the mix of solid and broken dots of the one on the right.  

I do like a pin stripe - even one that not so sharp and sleek! 

I used my non dominant hand to make this one and really like how loose and open the pattern is and the sense of movement it has! Such a quick and easy make 

I love how these two turned out, probably my faves of them all.  The colour palette and all those circles = happy me! :)  

Finally , some speckled papers that have some really interesting detail and depth of patterning to them.  

Barb used her papers to collage the cover of a notebook/ journal so that's what I will be doing with these or I might even use them to make some collaged art panels. Once I've given them a 'new life' I'll be sure to share here on my blog and across my social media accounts ( see links below ) 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my fodder from Lesson 2 . I'll be back soon with  more of what I make from the other Lessons in Fodder Challenge 2023. 

Until then
Happy Creative Wishes



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Tuesday 18 July 2023

Fodder Challenge 2023

Hi Everyone ,

I'm sure alot of you know about Fodder School and the free Fodder Challenge 2023 that is currently taking place . It's not exactly new to me as I know I've made 'fodder ' at various points along the way. I've just just not necessarily called it that. However, joining in the fodder challenge lessons is new to me so I guess you could say I'm a fodder challenge newbie! :) 

I'm looking to share photos of the fodder I make here on my blog and across my Social Media accounts ( links below) so please feel free to pop by any of them anytime. The posts will also serve as a running record of my Fodder Challenge 2023 journey.

  I'm not sure at this point if I will complete all the Fodder Challenge lessons as they are arriving daily and although I got off to a good start I'm now running behind ( well behind! ). I've kept getting caught up enjoying the processes involved in the lessons and of course 'life' does have a habit of 'butting' in - you know like it does when your having fun!  ;)
I'll do whatever time allows though and share my fodder  and any fodder projects along the way. 

Here's the fodder I made during Tiffany Sharpe's lesson 1 : Tropical Watercolour leaves.

I'm not sure I went 'tropical ' with all mine, I just followed my muse and really did enjoy using my old ( and they really are old) watercolour paints and doing some focused watercolour painting again as its beenquite a while since the last time I did. 

Here's they are all together....

......and a few close ups of some of them individually.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my fodder from Lesson 1 . Hope to be back soon sharing more or what I make from the other lessons in Fodder Challenge 2023 . 

Until then 
Happy Creative Wishes



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