Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Topic #16: Splosh at PaperArtsy

Hi Everyone,

Tonight, I'd like to invite you to join me over on PaperArtsy's blog where I'm sharing a few projects I have created for their current Topic: Splosh!

Now, theres a topic name that grabbed my attention straight away. 
I could see this having the potential to be lots of fun and as I'm someone who loves to splosh/ splatter paint around I was more than happy to be given the opportunity to contribute to this topic thats all about fluid media.

I always feel so lucky and priviledged to create with PaperArtsy's fabulous products and those included this time were PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Acrylics, PaperArtsy stencils designed by Clare Lloyd, PaperArtsy Minis and Alison Bomber stamps.

My initial idea for some Splosh creativity was born from a childs toy - a SpinArt machine!

I wasn't sure exactly what I would create when I started but ended up with a trio of Spin Art Flower Circles  that would make lovely gifts for family/ friends or they could be given as 'Art cards' (as I call them) - cards thatbe kept after the occasion and displayed as a piece of Art.   

There was plenty of sploshing and splattering involved in their making and lots of fun to be had and when you're having fun why stop, right?
So I created a mixed media Art Panel. Another lovely gift idea!

For this project I decided to switch out my spin machine for an alternative device. I wonder if you guess what it was?
If you'd like to find out and read about the creativity story of both projects and the fun I have had making them you are more than welcome to come join me over on the blog.
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Hope to see you soon



Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Topic #14 -Colour Study: Triads at PaperArtsy

Hi Everyone

Tonight, I'd like to invite you to join me over on PaperArtsy's blog where I'm sharing some creativity for their current ''Colour Theory' topic.

At the start of the year PaperArtsy introduced a series of topics that focus on the colour wheel and colour theory. The first was in January when the focus was on Complementary Colours the second in June and it was all about Split Complimentary Colours then. The third topic in this series is currently underway and we are looking at 'Triads' - colours that are equidistant from each other on the colour wheel!

I'm really enjoying these Colour Wheel topics finding then informative and very insightful. So, was more than happy to be given the opportunity to contribute to this one and get creative with some triadic colours!

Here's what I made with my chosen triadic colours and PaperArtsy Eclectica stamps designed by Everything Art.

As the story behind my creativity is over on PaperArtsy's blog I'm sharing just a short account here.

To begin I had to decide on the triadic colours I would create with so set about making some colour wheels using PaperArtsy colour wheel template ( downloadable here) and 3 PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Acrylic colours that played to the basic triad colour palette red, yellow, blue.

Here's the Colour Wheel I selected from the many I ended up with.
It's made with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics Pixie Dust ( the red), Vanilla (the yellow) and Midnight ( the blue)
My chosen triadic colours were 4, 8 and 12 each 3 spaces apart from one another.

Using this Colour Wheel I calculated all the triad colour combinations there were with either 1,2 or 3spaces between them and made some triadic colour combo charts.
Here's just one of them. (The others you can see over on the blog)

With my colour choices being 4, 8 12 there was some colour mixing involved!

My project took some twists and turns along the way starting out as one idea and ending up becoming what you see in the photo above. All that you can read about on the blog while here I'll tell you there was some painting involved...

....some embossed stamping

....and some paper pleating.

Which all came together to give you this 'birds eye view' !!

I plan to share the many other Colour Wheels I made in prep for this project across my social media accounts and in PaperArtsy's FB group PaperArtsy People throughout the duration of the topic so hope you'll stay tuned to see those but for now I would love for you to accept my invite and come join me over on the blog to see and read more.
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Sunday, 28 August 2022

Minimalism at PaperArtsy

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing ok and you've been enjoying a lovely sunshiny summer ?

I keep disappearing don't I? Going quiet both here and on social media but the fabulous sunny weather we've been having this summer has been too good to miss spending alot of time outdoors doing what I can in the garden, clocking up some steps and topping up the Vitamin D. 😎

I have been making just not getting round to blogging /showing what I've made so I have a few projects waiting in the 'wings' that I'm sure I'll get round to sharing in the coming months as the weather starts to change and the nights start to draw in. I hope you'll stay tuned here, my FB and IG too.


It's good to be back here tonight to invite you to join me over on PaperArtsy's blog where I'm sharing a project I've created for their current topic 'Minimalism'.

It's always such a pleasure and a priviledge to create with PaperArtsy's fabulous products - I'm one lucky creative for sure!! 😊

The topic has been running now for a couple of weeks and it's moving into its final week so there's already lots of Minimalism creativity to be enjoyed on the blog from some of PaperArtsy talented creative team . If you do pop over be sure to take a look around.  There's something for everyone no matter what your creative style/ preference maybe.

So where did Minimalism take me ? What did I make?

I've made an Art Block inspired by some of the paintings of Frank Stella who was a leading figure in the minimalist art movement being one of the first artists linked to this style of art. He was known for his use of geometric patterns and shapes that often had clear transition between areas of colour . His earlier paintings often featured squares / rectangles and it was some of these that served as the initial inspiration for my project.

I share the creative story of my art block (including photos) over on the blog so just a couple of photos here showing the finished project- oops I mean project's'- I couldn't resist making a 'Mini' too! ;)

I would love for you to accept my invite (no R.S.V.P needed) and come join me over on PaperArtsy blog to see / read more 

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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Happy Birthday to You!

Hi Everyone , 

It's been a while since I last posted here on my blog so thought I'd share a card I created and shared across my social media accounts (IG and FB) the other week. 

It' a real quick and easy make that involved inking, stamping, stencilling and die cutting using Tim Holtz fabulous products - some not so new, some new. 

The 'not so news' ( but never outdated or past their use by date) were Tim's Stampers Anonymous 'Newsprint' stamp and one of his Sissix Bold Text dies from set #1. 

The newbies were one of Tim's new stencils 'Lined Squares' and the ever so delicious new addition to the distress colour family 'Unchartered Mariner'. 
These stencils 🖤, this colour 💙🖤!!

For this card I teamed 'Unchartered Mariner' up with Mustard Seed, Fossilised Amber, Chipped Sapphire and Black Soot. I love how they played together! 

Unfortunately I didn't capture any process shots so only photos of the finished card to share today.

The wrinkle free distress Mustard Seed, Fossilised Amber, Unchartered Mariner inky background peaks through the focal bold text die sentiment.

The Unchartered Mariner stencilling in opposite corners of the background gradually intensifing in colour through to Black Soot emphasises these areas and also helps to draw the viewing eye in to the focal sentiment.

 Some delicate text stamping to the sides of the stencilling adds just a touch of detail and interest to those areas to finish off. 

I hope to be back soon and more often moving forward so hope you'll keep stopping by either here or my social media accounts . 

 I really appreciate you stopping by today - thanks! 
Take care  
keep on the happy side