Sunday 1 February 2015

Here Goes.................

Hello ! 
Thank you so much for visiting ! 

Its seems to have taken an age getting this blog of mine up n running (only myself to blame!) 

Being a real perfectionist, it seemed that whatever progress I was making with it, it just didn't compare with all the other blogs I've seen n admired!  Being a real technophobe definitely didn't help either, as every wall I hit, I threw the pencils out of the tin n questioned why I was even doing it ???
But after having a good long chat with myself, which went something on the lines of  'stop being so hard on yourself', 'everyone has to start somewhere' blah blah blah (ya get my drift) and of course  picking up the pencils (hahaha)  it's finally up n running! 

Please bear with me though as as it's all one big learning curve for me at the mo and I know I will be tweaking as I go but hopefully this won't put you off checking in every now n again to see what arty/crafty fun I've been getting up to! 

Thanks so much for taking time out to visit today. Hope  you'll pop by again soon ! 




  1. Great job!! Hang in there, I'm a newbie to, it gets easier ❤️

  2. Thx so much Teri n Karen for taking the time out to visit and for the reassurance. :) x

  3. Yeah!!! Great start Amanda! (I had to start by the start lol...) Welcome on blogland at last!!!! :D Coco xx


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