Friday 4 May 2018

Words and Music - A Vintage Journey May 2018 Challenge

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Hope you are all OK and a good week has been had by all. Its time again for a new Challenge over at A Vintage Journey. Lovely Alison is hosting and her chosen challenge theme is:

Words and Music
For this challenge we would love to see projects that are inspired by our favourite song or that incorporate musical lyrics or sheet music in their design. Just remember to create your project in our preferred styles of vintage, shabby, mixed media, art journaling , industrial, timeworn or steampunk.

I focused on a 'favourite song' for Alison's challenge though choosing a favourite wasn't easy as I have so many. Narrowing my choice down to one proved near on impossible but in the end I decided that it just had to be a song by my all time favourite band U2 and with that I thought this would be an ideal opportunity for me to share an 'older' piece of creativity that I made a while ago - a T-shirt, hand painted with the sleeve cover of the U2 song 'With or Without You.' 
I am a huge U2 fan, always have been always will be. My love of their music is deep rooted and it has gotten me through some good, bad and downright ugly times in my life. I have seen them live so many times and have lots of happy memories from following them, not to mention a big collection of almost every piece of music they have released as well as overflowing boxes of other U2 memorabilia.
 Yes, I'm a devoted fan!
It was my love of the band and this particular song coupled with the awesome photography of Anton Corbijn that inspired me to attempt painting my very own 'With or Without You' t-shirt!
Attempt being the appropriate word as I wasn't sure whether I could?!
The photo below shows the actual 12 inch vinyl cover to the left and my painted t-shirt to the right . 
I bought a plain white crew neck t-shirt, stretched it over a wooden board so the fabric was taut and then sketched the design out with a good old hb pencil. I worked with dylon fabric paint, mostly black and a range of artist brushes. The paint was applied in variations of concentration, diluting with small amounts of water when necessary so as not to wet the fabric through.
As I captured the light and shadow
and paid attention to the finer details 
like for example the footprint in the sand
the painting really stated to take form and come to life
and what began as an 'I wonder if I could ....' became a 'hey, ya know I think I can'.
I also painted the bands name on the reverse of the t- shirt !
Of all the artwork I have ever produced I would have to say this is one I am incredibly proud of! 
I hope my hand painted t- shirt has offered some creative inspiration for our 'Words and Music' challenge.  
If you haven't already be sure to stop by A Vintage Journey to see some of my fellow Creative Guides fabulous projects.
We hope you will join us in this challenge as we always look forward to seeing your creativity and we appreciate that you share it with us. At the end of the challenge you could be chosen as one of our 3 Pinworthy winners winning a Pinworthy badge for your blog and having your work pinned to our pinterest board. . 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, for all your kind words, support and follows.
Each and every one is sincerely appreciate.
Hope to see you again soon
Take care 
keep on the happy side


  1. Holy moly Amanda!! I was waiting to read that you photo'd the cover and printed it on a canvas - but no - you actually painted this yourself - I am in total awe of your talent - and you should be too! what a wonderful job you did on this - so, really, you can never wear this right??!! as you certainly can never wash it!! This is one definitely for the wall!! great job! Julia xx

  2. Fabulous post.. brought back lots of happy memories for me especially my weekend at Croke Park in 1987. U2 an inspiration from an early age and massive musical influence in my youth.
    Antons photography skills are forever outstanding, he creates magic in monochrome. You must be very very proud of this piece as it's closer to your heart than just a simple copy of an image. Amazing!!
    Creative wishes for the weekend ahead Tracey x

  3. Amanda I am speachless.... your drawing is better than the original ;)You are a talented creature!:)

  4. BOINK!!!!! That was my jaw hitting the floor....

    Oh my goodness Amanda, I truly have no words to describe how absolutely BRILLIANT this is, - unbelievable, truly. When I first saw it, I thought it was a photo transfer, but to think you actually hand painted this, - what an amazing talent you are!!!!! I am really, truly completely gobsmacked. This would be difficult to do on paper, but on fabric? Wow, just absolutely wow!!!!!

  5. Well..Look at you Amanda xx This is just so fabulous and I love the wonderful details on your t-shirt...... amazing painting x Quite spectacular x

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie x

  6. Like Astrid, I'm open-jawed! I had no idea you'd painted this yourself. Like others, I assumed at first glance it was a photo-transfer to the t-shirt, but as a painting this is no less than amazing. Fabulous artwork - and it couldn't be more perfect for the theme.
    Alison x

  7. That is absolutely btilliant Amanda!! Fantastic level of skill here, really shows your love for the music xx

  8. Oh my Amanda this absolutely stunning, an incredible piece of art work and something to keep forever. I’m not surprised you are so pleased and proud of your tshirt it is a wonderful example of your amazing talent. Love it xxx

  9. OMG I am in total awe of this Tshirt, how utterly amazing is your art work on this. I hope you wear this with Pride, no pun intended, well ok yes it was lol.
    Amanda x

  10. Omg I thought this was a photo. Absolutely amazing Amanda , you really are a devoted fan but wow have you done it justice, amazing piece 😘❤️

  11. WOW!! completely amazing!!!!!

  12. This is such a stunning rendition of that album cover. AMAZING painting Amanda, you have so much talent, I am pretty convinced you could accomplish most anything you attemp! Hugs

  13. I thought this was an image transfer too Amanda. There are no words for this (not printable ones andyway 'cos my first thought was bl**dy h**l. It' amazing Amanda and you should be VERY proud. Now go and put it in a frame in a darkened room and insure it for a fortune lol! xx

  14. Wow!!! This is beyond amazing, what a great When I saw the two beside each other Amanda I loved the one on the right the best. I love U2 too. I can imagine you having their songs blaring in the background while you painted. Absolutely brilliant!
    Dot x

  15. I am without a doubt blown away. I figured you did some sort of transfer, but to see you painted it...HOLY COW!!! You are talented girl...this is fabulous! I would have a hard time wearing it. YAY YOU!!! So glad you tried, and boy did you conquer.

  16. WOW! I'm in awe. You drew,designed & painted this in it's entirety! And on fabric? A true Artist. Incredible piece!

  17. I think it has all been said, the only thing I can think to say is you are one fabulous ARTIST!!! Hugs, Anne xx

  18. I am a huge fan your hand drawn art - this is so incredible - no wonder you are proud it is such an AWESOME detailed replica I LOVE IT !!!!

  19. Oh, Amanda, you are truly an artist with a keen eye for every single detail, a command of scale, and a master at understanding and portraying shadow! And that's just the short list! INCREDIBLE work of art suitable for display in a fine art gallery! You totally blew me away! And a perfect choice of song...Our youthful pastor even based an entire sermon around this song. Hugs!

  20. Absolutely stunning, Amanda and ditto with the concerts, though I'm not going this year, but my son is keeping up the family tradition :-)

    I hope you've shown the boys this piece - your attention to detail is amazing - such a masterpiece and a real treasure.

    Thank you so, so much for sharing this.

    Cath x


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