Friday, 13 April 2018

Baked Art!

Hi Everyone and Welcome

Just a quick post today to share a little piece of 'baked art' ! If you haven't already guessed I really am enjoying experimenting with Seth Apters/ Emerald Creeks Baked Textures
This time I baked with Vintage Beeswax as I wanted to try out the 'faux encaustic' look/ effect that you can create so easily with this flavour. Here's a link to a great video where Seth demos baking with Vintage Beeswax and explains it all far better than I .
I used a framed  mdf ATC by That's Crafty. These come in two parts, the frame and the ATC insert itself . Very inexpensive and there's 10 in one pack .
The frame is textured with sand paste, painted with 'Rust It' and black acrylic paint and touched with vintage gold gilding wax to highlight the texture. The ATC insert is covered with torn book papers and choc box lining paper with an old postage stamp I found in my stash of 'saves' adhered on top . I added a light touch of colour using distress inks and then 'baked'. I know at the very least it was triple embossed but after that I lost count - hey I was having fun and in art there are no rules - right? 
Whilst heating the Vintage Beeswax I was able to seal in the black gem dots and the remnant rubs. I left the film covering on the remnant rubs in place whilst heating which helped shield the remnant rubs from excessive heat and prevent them from shrivelling up and losing their identity. I also controlled the heat by holding the heat gun a good distance away from my work, pulling back at any signs of the rubs over heating. The top film will peel away with a little help from a pointy tool when the wax is cooled .
A quick, simple project that I sure had fun 'baking!'
Thank you all for stopping by today and for always being so generous with your support and lovely comments . I really do sincerely appreciate. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend 
Enjoy and keep on the happy side 
See you again soon 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Amanda. I can see you enjoyed making this and the results are fabulous. Wonderful vintage texture. Happy weekend. Tracy ❤️❤️

  2. Another fabulous baked piece, I really need to play some more.
    Amanda x

  3. This piece is fantastic Amanda! I love seeing the pieces you are baking, truly amazing finishes. The frame turned out very cool as well! I never considered how the rub one might be affected by the heat, thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE how much this really looks like wax. Wonderful little project...every detail.

  5. what an amazing outcome Amanda x It's clear to see how much fun you are having paying with these wonderful products....stunning project

    TFS and hugs
    Annie xx

  6. Oh so good Amanda. Loving the contrast between the frame and the surface inside. Just pinned ya!

  7. Gorgeous beeswax encaustic effect - I love the the butterfly badge so much.
    Alison x


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