Thursday 27 June 2019

Have an Open Heart....

Hi Everyone

Thanks for stopping by today!
Thursday again and the last one of this month too!!! At the risk of repeating myself where is this year going??  
Time definitely stops for no-one.....and there was I blissfully hoping 😉

So, as is the norm on this day of the week I'm over at That's Crafty sharing some creativity which this week is an 'Art Panel' featuring a few That's Crafty Surfaces, some of their paints and a Carabelle Studio Stencil designed by Alexi.

Theres more to see and read over on That's Crafty's blog so if you fancy joining me then please feel free to click HERE and you will be whisked right on over....
Hope to see you soon


  1. I have been over for a look, it is stunning Amanda, I love the stencil and the crackled heart is gorgeous! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Your brilliant ideas seem never ending! Another stunner!

  3. Great colour contrasts and ooh, crackle!
    Alison x


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