Thursday 23 May 2019


Hi There 
Thanks for stopping by today! 

Another week rocks on by in the blink of a eye so its that time again for me to be sharing some creativity over at That's Crafty. 
It's another art panel/ card/ journal page/ book, journal cover that's on offer this week. 
No, that's not one of each just one that could be used for any of those purposes.😁 

Heres a quick peek...

...and if you fancy seeing and reading more you are welcome to join me over at That's Crafty - just click on the link HERE to be whisked right on over . 
Hope to see you soon 


  1. Sweet peek Amanda, love the colours and that windmill design.
    Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend xxx

  2. Amanda, I love humor in art. I also love using up scraps or recycling in art. But right up there, with those two, is useful art! Functional art, if you will. Your art panel/card/journal page is a prime example!Well done! Mwah!

  3. Already enjoying the primrose golden glow of this... off to see more. Sorry I’ve been so absent – there’s a quieter period on the horizon (at least until the next last-minute gig bobs up to spoil it).
    Alison x

  4. Apologies for my absence too Amanda, things are a bit better now. Love the colours you chose for this piece, they are so pretty. Hugs, Anne xx


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