Thursday, 15 July 2021


Hi Everyone. 

 Having enjoyed creating with small image stamps recently for my posts over on That's Crafty's blog I decided that for todays make I would continue along that line but rather than use small 'image' stamps this time I would use small 'detail' stamps. 
I wanted to use them to create my own unique focal design that I could embellish in my own way. 

 Here's a quick look at the panel I created.... 

As its got a kinda cool contemporary artsy vibe I'll treat you to an 'artsy' shot too ... 

Would love for you to come join me over on the blog where there's more to see and read. 
For a quick  transfer just click HERE 
Hope to see you soon 

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  1. Girl, I wish I could crawl inside that artistic mind of yours someday! This is another exquisite beauty with such a punch of awesomeness in the bright, crisp details. Hugs, Autumn


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