Friday 18 March 2022

'Encore' Post 1: Looking back at my That's Crafty! projects

 Hi Everyone 

As yesterday saw me sharing some creativity over on That's Crafty's blog for the last time I thought I'd look back through all the projects I've created for That's Crafty and share some of them with you as 'Encore' posts here on my blog. 

There were alot of projects to choose from as I made and posted pretty much every week for approx 3 and a half years (give or take any time off for illness and the DT Christmas/ New Year holidays) so I've  decided to group them together in collections of 3D Art, Art Panels, Tags and Cards/ Journal pages  

Each collection will be shared on separate posts throughout the coming days so it doesn't make for one exceptionally long post.

The posts will primarily be project photo posts with dates and links to the posts where I first shared them. Feel feel to click through the links to see and read more about the creativity of each of the projects. 

So, let's get started with some of the 3D projects and I have to say I really enjoyed making these and all of them have either been in use or on display in my art space since the day they were made.

(November 2019) 
This was created for That's Crafty's 3D Challenge feature that was in the June 2019 edition of The Crafty Stamper magazine. 

(July 2020)  
I designed and created this project using some of That's Crafty's craftyboard tags, chains and white/ greyboard hearts along with Tim Holtz 'Abandoned' papers.  

(July 2020).  
I designed and created this using some of That's Crafty's surfaces, long tags, bookmarks and letters along with Tim Holtz 'Abandoned' papers.   

(January 2021) 
This was created with one of That's Crafty 's mdf ATB's and some of their stamps. 

(March 2021)  
This was created with a That's Crafty! mdf Cabinet and Seth Apters Aladine Izink Ice.  

And  I couldn't share my That's Crafty 3d projects without including my latest two.

(March 2022)  
This was created with a That's Crafty! mini box and Stamperia 'Artelier des Art' papers.

(March 2022) 
This was my 'leaving' project created with A That's Crafty! mdf ATC Chunkie. That's Crafty stamps and 13Arts 'His and Hers Remastered' papers. 

I hope you have enjoyed looking back with me at my Thats Crafty! 3D projects and that you will join me next time for my 2nd 'Encore' post when I'll be sharing some of the many Art Panels I created, posted and shared at That's Crafty! 
See you again soon 

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