Sunday 20 March 2022

Encore Post 2a: Looking back at my That's Crafty Projects

 Hi Everyone, 

I'm back today with my second 'Encore Post' sharing some of the many projects I created for That's Crafty! while I was on their blog DT. 

I mentioned in the first Encore post: 'Looking back at some of my That's Crafty! Projects' that I'll share my projects in 'collections' of 3d projects, art panels, tags, cards etc on separate posts so as not to have one excessively long post.

The posts will primarily be project photo posts with dates and links to the post where I first shared them. Feel free to click through the links to see and read more about the creativity behind each of the projects.


 So, with some of my 3d projects already shared (here) todays all about some of the mixed media Art Panels I created.
I made loads of these so I've decided to split them into two 'sub collections' shared over two posts. 
The larger art panels will feature on this post, the smaller on the next post.

Let's get started and if you'd like to find out which of my art panels is my favourite and infact my absolute and ultimate favourite of all the projects I created while on That's Crafty's DT be sure to stay with me until the end. 

Be True 
(November 2018)

(January 2019)

(January 2020) 


(July 2020) 

(January 2021)

(February 2021)

(September 2021) 

And here is my absolute and ultimate favourite....

(September 2020) 

I hope you have enjoyed looking back with me at some of the larger Art Panels I created whilst designing for That's Crafty! and that you will join me later for the second part of this post that will feature some of my mini Art panel creations. 
 See you again soon

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